The procession (3), oil on panel, 4 x 3,2 cm, 2023

Something outside, is calling.

The things hidden from us become the reason for a journey.

What follows then, is the attempt to translate this path, by painting, aiming to open windows on a fictionnal world, building itself.

Painting becomes the way to leave a trace of those visions that haunts the mind, because anything not saved is lost.

«[…] That’s because many things are beyond the limits of human understanding that we constantly use symbolic terms to represent concepts that we cannot fully define or understand.»1

1.The man and his symbols ,concieved and realised by CG. JUNG,editionRobert Lafort, 1964 (translation from the artist)

Despite the use of different sizes of panel, small formats stay the most used ones.

It allows to produce quickly, and to experiment a lot.

The precarity of the small format is a way to remembrance of things past. It also allows to be carried everywhere, close to yourself.

The medium is made of wood, coated by a mix of rabbit skin glue and chalk. Even if the finished material is very smooth, the panel has a power of decision over the shapes, because it holds on some places, the paint. Then i decide, or not, to follow those indications.

The narration that I try to instaure is evolving with me and deploys itself in time. It’s not linear, but it goes on, slowly, just like a landslide.